QPS Officers

President:         Vern Gildhouse

Vice President:  Anna Dydyk

Secretary:         Georgia Fletcher

Treasurer:         Dick Grommet


Committee Chairs

Communications: Ellen Krueger

Education: Patricia Anderson

Fundraising: Brenda Piper

Membership: Janice Lang

RAPP Chair: Vern Gildhouse


QPS strives to provide factual, detailed information on Quakers as companion parrots through education, encourages legalization of Quakers in states where they are currently banned, and strives to prevent further restriction of ownership, promotes protection and preservation of Quaker natural habitats, and supports and encourages veterinary and avicultural research of all avian species.











Information presented on the QPS web pages is gathered from avian articles, books, reference materials, and the result of extensive discussion with Quaker owners, breeders, researchers, behaviorists, and avian veterinarians. It is not intended to replace the valuable information which your personal avian veterinarian shares with you. 

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