They're here! And they're fabulous! 

The Official, Unofficial 2021 QPS So Many Quakers Not Enough Months Calendar

Spend 2021with smart, beautiful, fascinating Quaker Parrots. This full color wall calendar has 12 months of Quaker birds. Just $16 USD postage included to the US and $20 to Canada (sorry, no other international orders)

A limited number have been printed so order yours today! Get some for gifts! 

The Fall edition of the Sentinel has arrived! Members of the Quaker Parakeet Society now have the latest Sentinel in their hands, so to speak. It's a big, juicy issue with great information about Quakers and their people. We hope you enjoy it. And if you aren't a QPS member, join us by clicking on the membership link so that you too can enjoy the Sentinel


QPS 20th Anniversary Pin

To commemorate its 20th anniversary, QPS commissioned this beautiful, colorful lapel pin that shows a blue and green Quaker with the society's name above and 1999-2019 below. 

It's a beautiful way to show your loyalty to QPS and the cost is only $10. To order just click on the picture above.


QPS is a registered 501(c)3 non profit organization for and by Quaker Parakeet owners, breeders, and conservationists committed to promoting national interest and understanding of Quakers a/k/a Monk parakeets.

QPS strives to provide factual, detailed information on Quakers as companion parrots through education, encourages legalization of Quakers in states where they are currently banned and strives to prevent further restriction of ownership, promotes protection and preservation of Quaker natural habitats, and supports and encourages veterinary and avicultural research of all avian species.


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